-Is the estimated release date accurate?
We work closely with our vendors to ensure that each release date is as accurate as possible. However, the dates listed are only an estimate. As such, the date may change due to reasons beyond our control. If the pre-order date does change, we will update the product listing and will do our best to notify all customers affected by the change. 

-When will  you charge for the pre-order items?
We will charge you when the item is available and ready for shipping.

 -How to cancel my pre-order?
You can cancel your pre-order simply by shooting us an email ( with your order number, as long as it's not shipped out to you, we can help you cancel it immediately.

*If you can't find an answer to your concern here, you can always send an email to our customer service (, we are happy to be your help and will get back to you soon as we can.  :)

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